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Benefits of HR Document Box

With the help of centralized document repositories, HR can make documents such as pay stubs or payroll tax statements available to employees digitally in real time. Who benefits?

What are the benefits of the document repository for employees?

All HR documents for employees centrally in one place – this is possible thanks to digital HR document filing systems. With their help, HR staff can make documents such as pay slips, payroll tax and employer statements available to the company’s employees digitally in real time. This results in many benefits for the HR department, but also for managers and employees.

In our free whitepaper we have summarized all the advantages of the software as well as how it works.

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Save time and costs with the HR Document Box

One of the greatest challenges of an HR department is the smooth communication with all employees in the company. This should function seamlessly, regardless of the employees’ location and working conditions. One hurdle that needs to be overcome is the rapid transmission of HR documents.

In many companies, pay slips, time sheets and other certificates and information letters are handed over to employees by mail or via the company’s internal in-house mail. This costs the HR department valuable working time and human resources, and the company money for postage, paper and printing. At the same time, this type of delivery does not even guarantee that the HR documents will be received by the employees. If employees cannot be found in the company, for example because they are on vacation, or if their address has changed due to a move, the delivery of HR documents is delayed or does not reach the employees at all.

The digital document box

The easiest and fastest way to send HR documents to employees is by means of a digital HR document mailbox, which employees can access outside the company network, regardless of device and location. The HR Document Box thus provides the HR department with an uncomplicated communication channel to all employees – day and night.

This makes it possible to automatically send recurring HR documents to employees and to reach them quickly even in emergency situations and provide them with all the necessary information at the same time. HR documents that are needed at short notice, such as a pass in times of Corona or salary statements for an apartment inspection, can be sent to employees in real time thanks to digital transmission. Employees do not need to be on the corporate network to access HR documents. They can log into the HR Document Box from any device, regardless of where they are.

At the same time, the digital HR Document Box is located in the employees’ legal space without any restrictions. Although the HR department has the option of storing documents such as information letters, certificates or salary statements in the mailbox, it cannot delete documents or view other documents. The documents are stored securely in the cloud. The HR department stores the documents via an encrypted VPN tunnel. Employees access their documents via a separate encrypted access point. The exchange of sensitive HR data is end-to-end encrypted. Together with a sophisticated authorization concept, the data exchange thus meets the highest data protection requirements.

Access data to the HR Document Box is provided to employees by mail. Employees can thus log in to the web using the mail address and the initial password. This can be done on the move, for example using a smartphone, or conveniently from home. Employees can view all HR documents, such as pay slips or information on reduced working hours, in a clear tab structure and can download, print or send them with just one click. This eliminates a large number of inquiries to the HR department, which take up several hours of time every day.

Benefits with the HR Document Box

Today, many companies still send their payroll and other HR documents to their staff by mail. In addition to the time delay involved in sending them by mail, many employees would happily forgo filing and sorting their employer documents.

  • Time, paper and cost savings
  • High level of data protection thanks to multi-level security system
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Delivery of documents required at short notice within seconds
  • Guaranteed delivery of personal documents and data
  • Access to HR documents around the clock, independent of location and device
  • Positive contribution to environmental protection

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