Scan services for HR: We digitize your documents

Often, personnel data is still stored in paper form in thick binders. Therefore, the question often arises as to how personnel data enters the system. For this purpose, aconso offers a fully comprehensive digitization concept.

These services are only available in the EU and Switzerland.

Scanning and software from one supplier

With our HR Services for digitizing your personnel files, we offer not only software solutions, but also comprehensive services. From digitizing paper-based files to daily scanning or taking over your incoming mail, you can outsource your processes to aconso. We offer not only the scanning service, but also, for example, quality assurance, validation, classification, data extraction and conversion into various formats.

Scanning at a glance

Take advantage of our full scan services, which include the following:

Initial scanning of paper files

Scanning of your old files with the introduction of the aconso Digital Personnel File.

File digitization on demand

With Scanning on Demand, we scan documents whenever you need them.


We classify your documents. In addition, we read the content and provide the documents exactly where you need them.


If you need another format, we will also do the conversion for you.

Daily processing of incoming mail

We scan your incoming mail, screen it and make the documents available in your systems.

HR outsourcing using the example of application handling:
Applications made easy

A best-practice example in outsourcing is the application handling that aconso handles for a large retail group.

“aconso takes care of the management of incoming applications for us, the digitization of applications, data processing and classification, the integration of applicant data in SAP SuccessFactors and the provision of documents in the system. aconso also handles the storage and return of paper applications for us. The plus of this scan service: The manager gets fast and direct access to the applications in HCM and can react immediately. This is how modern application management workssays the customer about his experience with the scan service.

Digitize paper documents: Your options

Option 1: Initial scanning

When you implement the Digital Personnel File, scanning paper files is the first step. Therefore, save on hardware and software for in-house scanning and the costs of external scanning service providers. From file digitization to software implementation, aconso is your one-stop service provider:

✓ Collection of your paper files

✓ Digitization

✓ OCR recognition for full text search

✓ Automated readout and classification of data

✓ Destruction or storage of your paper files

Option 2: Scanning on Demand

If you decide in the digitization project that not all files are needed digitally immediately, the scanning on demand option is available. Here, aconso stores your paper files securely and scans the files at the push of a button, so to speak. This way, you can have the digital documents when you need them, but you don’t pay for digitization until you retrieve them. This is how clever scan management works.

Option 3: Daily scanning for inbox and applications

Daily scanning is often a hassle. Simply outsource this to aconso! The scanning service itself, but especially the classification and assignment of documents to digital personnel files or similar, is taken over by aconso and you will work completely digitally in the future. Or, for example, hand over your entire incoming mail processing to us: By scanning all incoming mail, aconso digitizes all the paper that reaches your HR department every day.

Why aconso?


aconso is the inventor of the digital personnel file and a pioneer in digital HR


We have been innovation leader in HR document management for over 20 years


Seamless system integration with your HCM such as SAP HXM or SAP SuccessFactors


More than 600 customers benefit from our sophisticated service concepts

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