Case Study Lufthansa

Lufthansa uses the Digital Personnel File to optimize its global HR processes.

“All of our HR staff work with the same standardized system.”

Sabine Rueffer

Former Project Manager, Lufthansa

Optimized HR processes

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is one of the leading IT service companies for the aviation sector and offers the aconso Digital Personnel File to provide a modern controlled cloud solution.


  • Global presence
  • +100,000 employees


  • Standardized central HR archive

  • Migration of files from existing systems

  • Integration into the HR/IT architecture

  • Future-proof and cost-effective


  • Digital Personnel File
  • Cloud solution


The global company is integrating all its subsidiaries into a single system with the project name “HR Archive for LGBS, the Digital Personnel File at Lufthansa”. A professional scanning service will scan approx. 35,000 paper personnel files for this project which, after processing, will then be sent to the aconso Digital Personnel File and stored in a data center in Frankfurt as audit-proof PDF/A files.

Documents in the Digital Personnel File

“The digitization of confidential records is a fundamental requirement for the Group-wide HR restructuring. It enables us to carry out remote processing and we can centralize and optimize all the HR processes simultaneously.”

Sabine Rueffer

Former Project Manager, Lufthansa

Global implementation of the Digital Personnel File

The “HR Archive for Globe” was launched in 2013 and the first scanning took place at the US company Lufthansa SkyChefs, a company with c. 10,000 employees. Supported by Lufthansa Industry Solutions, a lean and innovative standard solution is now running. Owing to its multi-client capability and flexibility, the solution incurred no additional development costs to implement individually. This transition to digital employee documentation at SkyChefs was completed in just three months. Overall, the files from 16 companies in the Lufthansa Group are now stored in the “HR Archive for LGBS”.

“It was also of central importance to us that our sensitive personnel documents are located at a data center which complies with European standards and is subject to strict German data protection law, says Michael Brass, former HR-IT Architect at LGBS.


Data security

  • Data transfer between the data center and the user via a secure HTTPS connection
  • Redundant data storage and physical separation of data
  • Sophisticated, organisation-specific authorization protocol
  • Secure user identification and authorization

Built-in user-friendliness

“Our staff will work with a standardized system, although the user interface may vary slightly depending on the country, requirements of the relevant legislation and the company practices in the registry structure”, says Sabine Rüffer. “Functionalities including deletion, addition and searches will be identical. A particularly useful feature is the aconso client drag & drop function to enable the quick and easy transfer of electronic documents to the files.”

The latest module for the HR toolbox at Lufthansa is the aconso HR Document Box for employees combined with the open-access file. This module enables the HR department to send pay slips and salary statements digitally and efficiently.