Case Study Siemens Switzerland

More transparency, quality and efficiency with our process management.

“Processing times are now substantially shorter.”

Kai Berger

Head of Human Resources Services, Siemens Switzerland

More transparency, quality and efficiency

Besides the aconso Digital Personnel File and Digital Document Creation, the regional company Siemens Switzerland has now implemented aconso’s tailored, software-based HR Process Management.


  • Regional company in Switzerland

  • About 8 divisions & Healthcare


  • Automation of the ten most important HR processes
  • Acceleration of processes with efficient provision
  • Reduction of subsequent corrections


  • Customized software-based HR Process Management by aconso for more than 5,000 staff and executives


The HR department at Siemens Switzerland has achieved a high degree of automization in recent years with aconso. However, there was still no consistent workflow, as some operations still had to be performed manually, which applied to approx. 70% of all processes. It was therefore crucial for the service provider to offer an end-to-end solution to the HR team to incorporate all the processes and subject areas, including the storage, availability and creation of documents.

Documents in the Digital Personnel File

“We have already seen significant increase in quality and productivity in the processes we have implemented.”

Kai Berger

Head of Human Resources Services, Siemens Switzerland

All requirements are met

The top priority was to achieve a workflow with no media discontinuity. In Switzerland the multilingual issue is of course really important, so the software has to accommodate a minimum of three languages. Another requirement was to enable the own internal experts to make minor modifications after the initial installation. Finally, the solution also had to function independently from SAP and the relevant data model.

At a glance, the user is able to see

  • The current stage of process
  • Who has already performed his tasks within the process
  • The current status of his requests to the HR department
  • The person to whom he should direct any queries

Training and development, changes in working hours, recruitment, special bonuses, probation period meetings, power of attorney, contract changes currently under implementation. The company is currently introducing the service for contract amendments. “Processing times are now substantially shorter and the handling of processes has become considerably simpler for all concerned”, says Kai Berger, Head of Human Resources Services at Siemens Switzerland.

Increased efficiency with a portal solution

The end-to-end function also works consistently with no media discontinuity. “We no longer have to take care of printing and scanning, since all operations pass through the system fully automatically” says Kai Berger.

“An added benefit is that although HR work usually involves a great deal of paper, thanks to digitalization, we have been able to significantly reduce our paper consumption and in turn help protect the enviroment.”